Time-based Optimization

One of the primary jobs of both developers and DBAs is optimization, or its more common name, performance tuning. Lots of the management tools improvements for SQL Server 2008 are aimed at performance, such as the new activity Monitor.


Using the tools such as Management Studio, Profiler, Tuning wizards and so on, there are many strategies and approaches to analyzing your performance. Most of these formal and informal approaches are great. But /would like to suggest another: Time-based optimization.


This approach involves monitoring your systems activity (the standard reports I’ve been talking about are a great way to do that) for time patterns. When you do that, you’ll find times of higher activity. You can use this information to develop your maintenance window, by doing maintenance during the lag time. But the real point of the approach is to document the specific operations, in the business and in the software, that are occurring at those “busy” times. The best candidates for tuning are there. Notice that l mentioned the business processes as well, since you might want to shift those processes as well as tuning those queries and runs in the software.

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