A Few Links to SQL Server 2008 Resources

As I was presenting at TechReady yesterday on the new SQL  Server 2008 features that will directly affect Microsoft System Center, I was asked a few times about some resources where people could go to learn more about it. I thought I would share that here.


By the way – I know some of you are on 2005, and have no intention to move yet. I spoke with a couple of our folks from the Paris (France) office, and they were asking how to respond when someone said “I don’t think I want to upgrade”. I hear you – I used to have the same quandary for my production systems. You’re loath to change something that is working. What I used to do in that situation was to get at least one of the new versions installed on my system so I could do two things: I could use the new management features, and I could evaluate the new features to see if they would truly solve a need I had. Over time I would “fold in” the new version for new apps or when I replaced a system. That worked out pretty well for me.


The best place to look for the new features is Books Online – but you don’t have to install it locally to read it –it’s available on the web. I usually go to the “What’s New” section to find out the big plays from Microsoft and read about the new features. Here’s that link:



Only the major features get documented at this location, however. You can read through Books Online to find the rest, but I normally rely on a lot of “Most Valuable Professionals” or MVP’s, who are experts on Microsoft technologies that don’t work for Microsoft. There’s a few of those links here, as well as some hands-on articles, which I also like a lot.










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  1. As I was presenting at TechReady yesterday on the new SQL Server 2008 features that will directly affect

  2. paulrandal says:

    Posted on Buck’s request: The whole SQLskills.com team blogs on 2008 – grab the aggregate feed at http://feeds.feedburner.com/SQLskillsSQLServer2008TeamBlog

  3. Posted on Buck’s request:

    The SQL Down Under podcasts have tons of info on SQL Server 2008 and more coming weekly: http://www.sqldownunder.com.

    There’s also the whole gang at http://sqlblogs.com.

  4. AdamMachanic says:

    Actually, that’s http://sqlblog.com — SQLblogs with an S is long dead.

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