Working to Get the Field Ready

In the final days before a release, the Program Managers face pressure on two fronts: on one hand, we are asked to work extra hard to get the features ready for the final release. There’s a lot of testing, re-coding and more testing to do. Sure, we have a lot of automated testing, but nothing beats hands-on trying out the code.


On the other hand, more and more people are getting excited about the new features in the release, and who better to talk about them than the Program Manager who came up with them in the first place?


Of course, you can’t be at two places at once, so normally we don’t get to go to very many conferences or user groups to tout the features – not yet at least. The time is better spent getting the feature polished and ready to go. However, there are exceptions…


I’m attending an event today to give a talk on SQL Server and the new version of System Center Operations Manager (formerly MOM). I’m the Program Manager for the “Health Model” and “Management Packs” for SQL Server 2008, and with all the new features, you’re able to do more things with the two now.


One of the reasons I get to go give this talk (I love doing presentations) is that it is local, held here in downtown Seattle. I just take a different bus, and I’m there. I can also work from there when I’m not presenting. But a bigger reason is that this is for the Microsoft field workers – salespeople, technicians, consultants and engineers who live and work in your home town. Speaking with these folks helps me get them ready so that you can do the same.


Don’t worry, though – most of this same information will be available to you soon in events for the customer around the world. Look for me at TechEd this year – I’m really hoping I get to go. As I mentioned, I love to present, and this year it’s being held in Orlando, which is part of my old stomping grounds.


See you soon!

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