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I’ve covered quite a few of the reports in SQL Server Management Studio, and along the way I’ve gotten some questions about them and a couple of really good suggestions. I’ll cover another report tomorrow, but today I thought I would answer one or two of the questions and deal with one suggestion.


I’ve gotten some responses that didn’t know that we had these reports, or at least not that we had that many. As you’ve seen, we actually have quite a few, dealing with everything from database sizes to performance information and lots of stuff in between. I’ve also been asked about the “source” for the reports. As you know, the reports are stored as a standard Reporting Services report in “Report Definition Language” or RDL. We have posted the source files (RDL) for you to look at here:


I’ve also been asked how the reports render. No, they don’t require you to install Reporting Services, nor do they make a call to a Reporting Services server anywhere. They are all hosted against SSMS internally, so you won’t take a network hit to run them – although if you’re accessing a remote server for the report you’ll take the standard query hit for the data.


I’ve also gotten a great suggestion. To deal with the fact that people don’t know about all the reports, and to be able to choose from a list of them, I’ve been asked to post a list of them all with what they do. I’ll create a blog entry for that, suitable for framing in your cubicle, and I’ll make a suggestion for an improvement to have that list stored permanently somewhere.

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  1. I’ve covered quite a few of the reports in SQL Server Management Studio , and along the way I’ve gotten

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