Do you code or Don’tcha?

I’ve met a lot of DBA’s that don’t do a lot of coding. Sure, they know basic T-SQL, and are probably pretty handy with a scripting language, but they don’t write code for a living. In some shops where I’ve worked (usually larger ones) we had separate disciplines for DBA’s that write code (T-SQL or other languages) and those who manage systems and hardware.

It’s also interesting to me to see the difference in opinion on SQL Server Management Studio being based on Visual Studio. Most “pure” developers I know don’t much like SSMS because it isn’t enough of a development platform. The non-programming DBA’s view it as too much of a development platform! We’ve tried to address these concerns in each enhancement we’ve made for SQL Server 2008. You’ll see little things that will help both developers and non-developers use the tools effectively.

And stay tuned for exciting news in the next Customer Technical Preview (CTP). There are some significant enhancements that you will see that I think will make your day a little better. When we release that version, I’ll point out some of the bigger (and smaller) changes we’ve made in the platform to make things more useful.

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  1. I've met a lot of DBA's that don't do a lot of coding. Sure, they know basic T-SQL, and are

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