SQL Server Management Studio Standard Reports – Performance – Object Execution Statistics

We're in the performance section of the series of Standard Reports you get with SQL Server Management Studio. The report we're covering today, located in the "Server" level of reports is another Performance Report, and it is interesting because it brings up something I've been asked about before.

This report is almost identical to another report I covered earlier: The Performance - Batch Execution Statistics standard report. In fact, I won't even have to detail the columns here, because they are the same as those in that report. You can just click on that link to see them. The difference is the perspective - the previous report organizes the information using the batches, and this one by the objects themselves. There's a place for both, of course, since you can use them both to zero in on an issue.

What we've been asked is why these aren't combined onto one report, if they just show the same kind of data. The answer is that the report would be pretty long, and hard to read. A better approach might be a button that switches between the two, but sometimes you want both on the screen to compare them. I may not have mentioned this before, but you can open as many reports as you like. They will show up as tabs in Management Studio by default, but you can right-click the tab and select "Floating" from the menu that appears so that you can place them on your screen(s) to see the info side by side. If you want them in one big report, or any other format for that matter, just right-click in the report and select "Export to Excel" and dress them up or combine them in any way you want.

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