It’s the little things that count

As I've mentioned, I've only been in my current role a few months. I've inherited a lot of things from the Program Managers who have gone before me, so I can't take credit or blame for everything I'm now responsible for. But going forward, I want to do the best job I possibly can, from the new features I put in to the product to the issues and enhancements with the features that are already there.

As part of that, we struggle a lot over the little things. Having been a DBA for many years, I know it isn't always the big features that matter. Sometimes the number of clicks it takes to do the most common tasks are the things that I cared about the most. I hope that in this role I can bring a DBA's view to the toolset. In the next few months some of the “little things” I've worked into SQL Server Management Studio will help you do your job every day. Some of them are really small - but can have a big impact.

Part of making those little enhancements even more useful is to tell you about them. As soon as I can, I'll let you know what things I've added and changed, and you can tell me how they help you. I've spoken before about where we get our ideas (you're the number one source) and so I hope you'll see not only my fingerprints in there, but your own.

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