Task-based or object-based?

Some platform management system designs focus on Task-Based events. You'll see this in programs like the MySQL Admin tool, especially the version for the Mac. I installed this to manage the MySQL system on my Mac at home, and the top row of icons contain what are basically a task list based on things you want to do.

Other systems, such as the Oracle 9i box I run, use objects as the paradigm. They start out with things like namespaces and work their way down the tree, at least in the Enterprise Manager GUI. They also have a few wizards and actions you can launch from there.

At Microsoft we use a little of both - you'll see objects referenced in the left hand side of the screen in the "Object Explorer", and then our right-clicks, menu items and icon bars bring up task panels, which are usually logically ordered for some outcome. Others are just a "bag of properties" that you can use to set and change things on your system.

So which is best? Personally, I like a task-based approach to a GUI, and commands and scripting for object work. But that's just me. We have a lot of inputs here, as I've described, and what we end up with is the best of the common approach, hence the object/tasks we have now.

What do you think? Task-based, Object-based, or both?

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