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  1. Dan's Blog says:

    Did you know that Management Studio (SSMS) has a rich set of built-in reports? Furthermore, did you know

  2. richard_deeming says:

    "…bring back the TaskPad view from SQL Server 2007"

    SQL Server 2007? I must have missed that version!

  3. paschott says:

    If that’s the same as Object Explorer Details, I use that really often to work on sets of objects, filtered down to certain names.  (In my case usually to drop them or to see what exists, but still used pretty often.)

    Reports are cool and useful, but I will admit that the simplicity of the Task Pad was something that I missed a little at times.

    Of course, more than that, I miss the simplicity of managing permissions in SQL 6.x – it’s just gone downhill from there with 2005 requiring use of a mouse to set permissions through the GUI.  No more easy "show all objects, click away" for a particular user/role.  🙁

    I do think that playing up these reports, the performance dashboard, all of that does need to be done a little more – perhaps a default view would help here.  I’m glad to hear that you’re listening to the customers on it though.


  4. Dr Anil Gupta says:

    I use them  and they are great. Yes TASKPAD view would nice thing to have to get general overview of the database.

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