Oh no -3D again

I spoke with a colleague yesterday and he wants to set up a meeting to talk about 3D interfaces. Inwardly I groaned, but the scientist in me says to go in to the discussion with an open mind.


Don’t get me wrong – I’m one of the biggest geeks around. Smartphone? Check. Multiple computers at home with various operating systems? Check. Networked at home? Check. Dick Tracy watch? Well…not yet. But even with my geek street cred on, I still haven’t been able to get behind three dimensional display paradigms for management. I’ve tried a few, and even toyed with the idea of a game interface system for database management, but in practical use they just seem to get in the way of me being able to do something useful quickly and efficiently. Most of the time it’s about the interface, not the task. I think that’s the wrong focus, geeky as it might be.


But with more and more complicated features, on multiple servers in multiple domains, we do need to think about some interesting ways to navigate to a specific node or nodes quickly. Perhaps that’s #d, maybe something else. I’ll go listen and learn.

Comments (3)

  1. MichaelDotNet says:

    Is this specifically for SQL server?  It’d be interesting to "fly" through your database with tables represented as buildings with their heights proportional to the row count… maybe with "roads" being FKs… hmmm.

    Maybe you can make it look like "The Gibson"….

  2. BuckWoody says:

    I was thinking more like "Halo", myself. :)

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