PASS Day Four

Well, it's the final day of the conference. I have had a fantasitc time, learned a ton of new things, and got to present to one of best group of technical professionals I've ever met.

Let me tell you some of the takeaways I got by talking to people about what they want from us:

1. Don't include new features at the risk of making the product more stable. In other words, spend time fixing bugs and making the current features stable rather than adding something new.
2. Think like a DBA.
3. Use what you sell.
4. Listen.

Hopefully we're doing that. Although I've only been in this role for a short time, I have seen many of the constraints we have on producing software. We have legal, language and interoperability issues on anything we touch, to a degree I've never seen anywhere else. But in the releases that follow SQL Server 2008, I hope to bring some of the great ideas I heard here this week from you to pass. (Pun intended).

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