SQL Server and Green Computing

As I was working through the list of customer requests for the next feature set in SQL Server 2008, one item that kept floating to the top was "multiple monitor support". More and more of us are using two flat-screen monitors to do our work each day. I do the same thing here.

I remember at one of the large firms I worked at that I created a study that showed how much money we would save by buying 20,000 new flat screen monitors to replace our current tube monitors. Turns out that even with the high cost of the screens (they were new tech then) we would recoup the money in 8 months through just power savings alone. Do you ever factor those costs in when you're doing your ROI for IT at your firm?

Now what does all this have to do with SQL Server Management Tools? Well, Microsoft is recognized as one of the greenest comapnies in the Northwest - and believe me, they know green here. We're taking a close look at all those multiple monitor support requests, and putting the two thoughts together. Stay tuned.

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