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A lot of the comments I get at conferences and over e-mail ask for various features within the management tools. To be sure, there are many things we can do to make the tools better, but many times (over half, actually) I end up saying "You know you can already do that, right?" I then show how we've implemented that feature already, and most people go away pretty happy that they have what they needed. Others, of course, would rather that we had kept the feature where it was, or they feel it isn't easy to find. For that last one, we are working on the management tool set for SQL Server 2008, adding more navigation helps and so on.

I certainly don't blame anyone for not knowing where every option is in the toolset. We have a ton of features in there, and sometimes they aren't where you expect to find them. For instance, I'm a keyboard-hound, so I like more keyboard shortcuts than mouse points and clicks. Other people like working in a graphical environment better. One of our goals is to put as many functions as possible in both the graphical tools and in the keyboard shortcuts.

In the next few days I'll introduce you to some of the major features of the toolset for SQL Server, and as we get closer to the next release I'll explain what changes we're making. Stay tuned.

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  1. Dean Gross says:

    How about adding the ability to customize the look of the columns that display in the Object Explorer details in SSMS? I can control what columns display in Windows Explorer and many other apps. Being able to see default properties and choosing Extended Properites of the objects would be helpful



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