Don’t Negelct Yourself

Wow - I have a new job where I'm trying to drink from a firehose of knowledge, my mother was up for the week from Florida (see here for more on that:, I had to write a complete tutorial on locking, get a project plan together on some new SQL Server 2008 features, and get ready for my briefing to the DotNet Developers Association here tonight until 9:00PM, check all my bugs, create a project plan, write a spec, and this morning I had to get my mother back to the airport. But even with all that, I still took the time today to attend some training. 

There are a ton of reasons we don't continue to educate ourselves, most of them valid. It all comes down to time (I really could make a case I don't have any), desire (on top of it all I only slept three hours last night) or vanity (what, I don't need any training!). But we have to carve out the time. Just set a stake in the day and say to everyone, loudly if necessary, "I'm in training today. I'll be out. I won't have access to e-mail or anything else."

We have to because if we don't, we'll constantly be giving and never taking. Everyone likes that, but in the end, you're out of date and no one needs you anymore. So don't become obsolete. It will never be convenient. It will never be cheap, and it shouldn't be easy. Go get some training!  

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