Web 2.0 or whatever they’re calling it these days…

Everyone is trying to figure out where technology is these days. We seem to be somewhere between alchemy and a mature industry like construction or telecommunications. we've come from single-seat cowboy shops where just a few IT people could understand and run everything to a distributed environment, all the way to a boom of tech stocks where anyone who could spell IT could make a six-figure salary to a complete bust where much of the tech work is so commoditized it's outsourced to other countries.

It's also strange that tech companies are doing non-computer things. Apple has dropped "computer" from its name since it seems they care a lot more about i-pods and phones than their base computing platform. Yes, I know they just released new PCs - I have a Mac at home. But the new Macs are just thinne, lighter, brushed. So what. No new tech - but they sold a phone like it was the second coming. Big tech firms are buying advertising companies. It seems everyone is trying to find new revenue streams, and many tech workers don't know what that means.

But things are swinging back around again, and tech is heating up. John C. Dvorak even predicts that we're in for another big stock bust. I'm not sure about that, since you need to have a lot of tech companies going public to make that happen. John feels there will be a side effect from the tech companies failing (he thinks they will) but I'm not so sure.

How do you feel about all this? Is tech just going through growing pains, or something else?

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