What’s really important?

First it was "cyber-". Everything had to start with "cyber". Then it was "e-", and then "i-". Now it seems to be "My". While buzzwords are great marketing tools, what is really important?

First, it matters that things work. I'm on the Management Platform Team (MPT), which takes care of things like the underpinnings of SQL Server Management Studio, some of the maintenance plan work, SQL Server Agent, SQLCMD and other plumbing that you don't see. But just because you may not see some of the parts doesn't mean that they aren't important. If you're a developer, you already know that. It's the dial-tone at the end of the phone - you don't think about it, you just expect it to be there.

Second, a product needs to do what you think it should do. It doesn't matter if we write something that really works, if it doesn't solve a problem for you. So we work all the time to find out what you do - heck, most of us (like me) were DBA's for decades. We feel the pain, and we have some really strong ideas about what we think you need. Of course, we can't implement those. It doesn't matter what I think you do, We have to find out what you do. We run studies all the time, using structured volunteer studies, metric-based studies, and even time and motion studies that find out what you're doing. And I can bring a meeting to a complete stop when things get out of hand by simply asking "Is this what our users need?" It's the one thing that we think is most important. Microsoft sometimes gets blamed for trying to dictate to the world what we think needs to be done and in what way. From where I sit, I don't see that. The developers and other team members really want to give you something you can use, and use well. It's a passion.

Of course there are a lot of other considerations for applications such as performance, tight code, efficiencies and so on. But if it doesn't work, and it doesn't do what you need it to do, then it's pointless. Even if you put "My" in front of it.

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  1. First it was "cyber-". Everything had to start with "cyber". Then it was "e

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