Translating Books Online References to Web Pages

Books Online is available in both a "full" client installation or on the web. In the URL bar of the client you'll see a reference for each topic. If you want to send that topic to a friend who might not have Books Online install, there's a way to translate the URL in Books Online to a Web-based URL for Books Online.

To translate, look for the long number in the Books Online local client URL bar. It looks something like this:


You want the long number, that looks like this:


Now just plug that in to this link: GUID HERE.aspx

So that makes this web reference:

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  1. Comment faire le lien entre un article de la documentation en ligne de SQL Server et le site Web MSDN

  2. Books Online теперь доступен в двух ипостасях: полная клиентская инсталляция и интернет-версия . В клиенте

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