The Grand Unified Theory

I've mentioned before that Books Online isn't just a client install, but the same content is also available on the web. In fact, it's available in two places on the web:
SQL Server 2005 BOL on TechNet:
SQL Server 2005 BOL on MSDN:

Now why would we do that? Well, you may not be aware that Technet is mostly targeted at what Microsoft calls "IT Pros", or admins and DBAs, and MSDN is targeted at developers. Of course, SQL Server fits into both those camps, and even a few others. What is more surprising is how difficult it was to keep those two sites in synch. The words are the same, but the layouts are different, and if you followed some of the outside links we put in Books Online you might get a different format than what you were just in, which can be a bit jarring. The web team here at Books Online have been working hard to get that truly synchronized, and they finished that effort recently. Check it out and tell us what you think.

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