How to configure a TFS proxy to work with Team Services

If you are using Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) with Visual Studio Team Services, you can configure the Team Foundation Server Proxy to cache files for version control for your account. It’s very straightforward as the TFS configuration app will do the work for you. Let’s take a look at how to do that. I’m…


Gated checkin for Git: Using Branch Policies to run a build in VSTS and TFS

Let’s start with what gated checkin is, which is a feature we shipped as part of TFS 2010. Gated checkin enforces that a change in a branch builds and optionally passes tests (and anything else you want to do as part of your build) before it is checked in and available to everyone else in…


Tenth anniversary of Team Foundation Server

Today marks the tenth anniversary of shipping TFS 2005, which was our first version. We shipped nearly six months late – VS 2005 shipped in November 2005. The product has evolved an incredible amount since then. The most infamous part of the first version was how hard it was to install (we completely rewrote our…


Moving TFS to cloud cadence and Visual Studio Online

We get quite a few questions from customers on how we made the transition to shipping both an on-premises product and a cloud service. We moved from shipping every 2-3 years to shipping Visual Studio Online every three weeks and TFS every 3-4 months. You’ve probably seen the great set of vignettes at Scaling Agile…


Visual Studio and Team Explorer 2013 no longer require IE 10 for installation

When Visual Studio 2013 and Team Explorer 2013 were originally released, the installation process required that Internet Explorer 10 or newer was installed. Today we released updated installers that no longer require IE 10. You will get a warning at the beginning of your installation that looks like the screen shot below. For VS 2013…


Updated Team Foundation Server 2013 download addressing web and installation path issues

Today we have updated the TFS 2013 installation packages both on the web download page and in MSDN subscriber downloads. The reason is that we found two bugs that we wanted to address broadly. We’ve made changes to be able to catch these types of issues in the future. Here are details on the two fixes….


What’s installed on the build machine in Visual Studio Online?

If you are using Visual Studio Online and wondering what’s installed on the build machine for your builds to use, we have a list here. Tarun Arora, one of our MVPs, put together a web site that shows a comprehensive list of what’s installed: Follow me on Twitter at


Team Foundation Service 2013 RC is go-live–use it in production

Have you upgraded to TFS 2013 RC yet? It’s a supported, “go-live” release that you can use in production. We are using it ourselves in production our biggest internal server (I’ve written about that server before). Download TFS 2013 RC and upgrade. You can check out what’s new here (hint: the background image at the…


How to delete a team project from Team Foundation Service using the web UI

[Update 18 Nov. 2013] It is now easier to get to the UI to delete a project. Navigate to the home page for your team project, then click on the gear icon in the upper left, and then you can click on the drop down arrow that will show up when you mouse over the…


Team Foundation Server 2012.2 (aka Update 2) now available

Today we released the second update for TFS 2012 (TFS, TFS Express). You will find a detailed list of features in this blog post. You need to install the one that matches your installation – full or express. You do not need to uninstall TFS 2012 RTM or TFS 2012 Update 1. Installing TFS 2012.2…


How to see activity and job history in TFS 2012

[Update 9/15/14] Here you can find permissions for these pages. [Update 4/24/15] Added information about filtering job history by result. With TFS 2012, we introduced a new feature in the web UI that makes it easy to look at the activity and job history on your TFS 2012 server (this feature was first introduced in…


Team Foundation Server 2012 Update 2 supports 2010 Build Agents and Controllers

[UPDATE 9/26/13] TFS 2013 will include support for both TFS 2010 build agents and controllers and also TFS 2012 build agents and controllers. One of the changes we made in TFS 2012 for Update 2 was to support TFS 2010 build agents and controllers. This provides several major benefits. The first is the obvious one…


OData Service for TFS v2

Brian Keller has released a beta of the second version of his OData service. We are also working to bring it to TF Service, so stay tuned. Check out the beta and give him feedback! OData Service for Team Foundation Server v2 Today we are releasing the beta of the OData Service for Team Foundation…


New build of git-tf required for use with Team Foundation Service

Yesterday’s update of Team Foundation Service requires a new build of git-tf, which is now available for download. Using a version of git-tf prior to the update will result in repeated prompts for your password but will never succeed in authenticating. Follow me on Twitter at


How to connect to TF Service without a prompt for LiveID credentials

Normally when you connect to the Team Foundation Service you are presented with a web page to log in with your Microsoft Account (aka LiveID). When you log in you can choose to have it remember you and you won’t have to enter your Microsoft Account credentials again (unless you don’t log in again for…


Doc on unattended configuration of TFS 2012

TFS 2012 (RTM and newer) added a new tfsconfigure unattend command that supports unattended configuration of the server, build proxy, and SharePoint extensions. There’s now a new whitepaper available that explains it. While the paper is titled Unattended Installation of TFS 2012, it’s really unattended configuration. Unattended Installation of TFS 2012 Introduction Unattended install is…


November power tools release for TFS 2012

Today we published a new release of the power tools for TFS 2012 Update 1. This includes important fixes for the backup/restore power tool to be compatible with the release of TFS 2012 Update 1. We did a lot of refactoring of the server DLLs for the cloud service,, and we needed to update…


TFS 2012 Update 1 Issue: Error while configuring build

[Update 2/1/13] A fix for the issues is now available. [Update 1/14/13] See this post for the latest on a fix with attaching collections. — We’ve discovered an issue in TFS Update 1 that may result in errors when you try to configure a build agent or controller. You will see an error in the…


TFS and VS 2012 Update 1 now available

[Update 2/1/13] A fix for the issues is now available. [Update 1/14/13] See this post for the latest on issues with attaching a collection. As announced on Soma’s blog, Update 1 for Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 2012 is now available. Over at the ALM blog, you can find more details on what’s new….


New tool to upgrade from Visual SourceSafe to Team Foundation Server or Service

Today we have released an upgrade tool for users of VSS to upgrade to either on-premises TFS or the Team Foundation Service in the cloud! It provides a wizard-based UI for upgrading a VSS repository to TFS 2010, 2012, or the service. Compared to the old VSS conversion experience, there are quite a few improvements….