Fix: Windows 10 upgrade couldn’t update the system reserved partition

Disclaimer: This is what worked for me, and it’s not guidance from Microsoft. It may not work for you. Since this involves resizing partitions, it could wipe out all of your data. You may want to create a backup first. Proceed at your own risk. Over the weekend I upgraded my machines at home to…


Original Surface RT is a great digital photo frame

I have four Surfaces: the original RT, Surface 2 RT, Surface Pro, and Surface 3. When I got the original Surface RT, which Microsoft gave to every full time employee shortly after it came out, I bought the Type keyboard and stopped using my iPad. The device was sluggish, though, particularly with Outlook. I bought…


Ten years of blogging

This past week was the tenth anniversary of blogging here. Over that time I’ve written 560 blog posts. There’s clearly been a drop in my blogging frequency, unfortunately, in recent years. I’ve spent more time interacting with folks on Twitter over the last couple of years than on blogging because of the Visual Studio Online…


How to fix an error with the Windows 8.1 upgrade utility

I had gotten a Windows 8 upgrade key with the purchase of a computer last summer. I hadn’t used it, so I wanted to upgrade a desktop my family uses. I ran the utility WindowsSetupBox.exe that you can download from the Upgrade Windows with only a product key page. However, it failed quickly after choosing…


Bing desktop–set your background to the Bing image of the day

Okay, so this has nothing to do with ALM, but I really like the Bing desktop app for one feature: It sets the desktop background to the Bing image of the day. I used to run this app on Win7 and had missed it since moving to Win8 (I love Win8 and have it running…


We’re here, and we have a sign to prove it

Yeah, seven years in this location, and the building had no outward markings to indicate that our office is here.  It’s official.  We’re here.  Really.


Fix for Message Size Issue in Outlook 2010 Beta

If you are using Outlook 2010 Beta, you probably need this fix because all of your emails are huge.  It was killing me (and a bunch of other folks internally).  It is fixed in the recent RC, but most people don’t have access (it’s not a public RC).  The Office team has just posted a…


Installing an evaluation copy of Windows Server 2008 and extending the evaluation period

More than a year ago, I posted a reference to Jeff Atwood’s post on extending the evaluation period for Windows Vista. KB article 948472 describes the process for Windows Server 2008 and includes instructions on installing an evaluation version of Windows Server 2008 from the standard media as well has how to set up a…


SharePoint lists in Outlook 2007 are awesome

If you use Outlook 2007 and SharePoint, you really need to read this.  I’ve been using this feature for the last couple of weeks.  It syncs the documents into Outlook so they are available offline, you can search them, and you can edit and upload when you get back online.  It’s really slick.  Read the…


Windows Live Writer 2008 is now available

The first version of Windows Live Writer is now available.  I’ve been using the betas for a long time, and I think it’s a great application (and it’s free).  I use it to write all of my blog posts.  If it weren’t for Live Writer, I wouldn’t have written nearly so many blog posts. Windows…


Goodbye to a 200-year old Osage-orange tree

This was a 200-year old Osage-orange tree on what used to be part of my grandfather’s farm in Charlotte, NC.  This former hay field is now a subdivision (the farm house is directly across the road in the grove of trees in the distance behind the scraper).  The house I grew up in is adjacent to the farm…


Outlook 2007: Viewing all RSS feeds in a single folder like an RSS "inbox"

Since I’ve started using Outlook 2007 to manage my RSS feeds, I’ve wanted to have all of the posts show up in a folder, much like new mail shows in up the inbox.  I don’t like have to scroll through the list of folders and visit each one containing an unread post.  It’s just too tedious unless…


How to get a complimentary copy of Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition

According to the following Microsoft web page, you can get a complimentary VS 2005 Standard Edition by attending “labcasts.”  You’ll have to go to the web page and read the rules, etc.  I thought I’d pass this along, since I stumbled across it tonight. The Mouse is Mightier than the Sword Defy All Challenges With…


How many people do we have working on Orcas?

Lorenzo Barbieri, an MVP, pointed out the Orcas splash screen spec that’s been posted.  I’m guessing that’s one of those things that leads to people believing we have an infinite supply of people to develop products, leading to comments like, “I can’t believe you still can’t do X!”  X is everything from viewing labels in history to rolling…


Extending the Windows Vista grace period to 120 days

Jeff Atwood has written a post on how to extend the Vista grace period to 120 days.  It turns out that you can extend it three times for 30 days each, giving you up to 120 days when you count the original 30-day grace period.  It seems like a great way to try out Vista…


Tabbed windows for remote desktop connections

Shortly after I wrote about Remote Desktop Connection 6.0 client, Blake Handler sent me email about a CodePlex project called Terminals.  Terminals is a neat application that hosts RDC sessions in tabs. One of the options in the Terminals connection dialog is whether to connect to the console, which becomes important when connecting to Windows…


Remote Desktop Connection 6.0 client

Last month, the Remote Desktop Connection 6.0 client was released.  It has some nice new features in it, which I’ve listed below.  Being able to log into a machine on a private network without having to use a VPN sounds really cool (TS Gateway servers), but I haven’t been able to try that out.  I…


Five things about me

Martin Woodward tagged me with that blogging game that’s going around where you post five things that people don’t generally know about you and then tag five more people.  Okay, I have to admit it seems kind of fun, so I’ll do my part to keep it going. I wrote firmware for electricity meters at…


All of the Sysinternals tools in one download

Microsoft TechNet put them all in one convenient download. Sysinternals Suite Published: November 1, 2006 Introduction The entire set of Sysinternals Utilities have been rolled up into a single Suite of tools. This file contains all the individual tools and help files. Download SysinternalsSuite (8 MB) tags: tools, sysinternals


Combining OneNote and Outlook would make OneNote very useful

I’ve written before about putting files directly into Outlook to make them securely available at work and at home.  Part of the reason for that is to have documents that just contain my thoughts on changes we should make, features we should consider, and so on.  Those are the kinds of things that would fit well…