Brian Harry’s explanation of Rosario

Brian’s post What’s in a Code Name? provides some explanation behind the Orcas and Rosario code names.  You won’t hear the word “Rosario” normally, and here’s a bit on why. What’s in a Code Name? Mary Jo Foley is writing about one Microsoft code name per day on her blog.  I think it’s pretty cool and…


How to add your own message in the build report

If you’ve ever wanted to add your own message in the “Build Steps” section of the detailed build report, Aaron Hallberg provides a custom task to do it. Aaron, along with the rest of the team, had been focused on finishing up the continuous integration feature for Team Build.  I’m happy to say that we…


Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 released

Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 was released yesterday.  Here are the direct download links. · VSTS SP1: · TFS SP1: · Quiescing GDR (required for the TFS patch): Heath Stewart has a blog post on how to slipstream Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1. tags: visual studio, vsts, team system, tfs,…


Third party add-in: Test Manager Add-In for Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 Team Edition for Software Developers

Many customers have expressed their disappointment with the fact that test lists (.vsmdi files) can only be created and managed in VSTS for Testers or VSTS Suite, leaving VSTS for Developers users in a bind.  There is now an add-in from Ekobit that solves this problem!  Check it out! Here’s the announcement on Ognjen Bajic’s…


Submit questions for the Channel 9 interviews of the NC TFS team

Brian Keller, technical evangelist for VSTS, is coming to the North Carolina office to interview Brian Harry and folks from each of the feature areas developed here (I’ll be in the Team Build segment). Submit Your Questions for the Upcoming Channel 9 Interviews of the Team Foundation Server Team On Dec. 14 & 15 I will be filming…


More on the Orcas features for Team Build

Brian Harry posted a TFS roadmap.  I’d like to expand on the portion that describes the features specific to Team Build.  Keep in mind that these features can change before Orcas ships, so there are no guarantees that it will match what’s described below. Build Support multi-threaded builds with the new MSBuild. Continuous Integration –…


TeamPrise 2.0

Congratulations to the TeamPrise team for shipping version 2.0!  Martin Woodward posts about it and includes screenshots. Teamprise Turns 2.0 Tuesday marked the beginning of my second year with Teamprise and today I’m very happy to report that we have just released Teamprise 2.0.  To celebrate I thought I’d give you a quick run through…


Continuous Integration in Team Build for Orcas

Brian Harry has written a post about an SD Times article about TFS.  Since he is the head of Team Foundation, his posts tend to have interesting tidbits in them, such as the following. It talks about the lack of continuous integration and the ability to schedule builds. It also talks about lack of a…


Building software against different versions of .NET with MSBuild in Orcas

Faisal Mohamood, a program manager on the MSBuild team, has written a pair of posts about the “multi-targeting” feature in the Orcas version of MSBuild.  Multi-targeting allows you to build your code against the .NET 2.0, 3.0, or 3.5 frameworks, according to your requirements.  This is great because it allows folks to have some projects…


All of the Sysinternals tools in one download

Microsoft TechNet put them all in one convenient download. Sysinternals Suite Published: November 1, 2006 Introduction The entire set of Sysinternals Utilities have been rolled up into a single Suite of tools. This file contains all the individual tools and help files. Download SysinternalsSuite (8 MB) tags: tools, sysinternals


Where does the console output for tests go when run within Team Build?

This question came up on the internal discussion alias.  Tom Marsh, development lead on VSTS for Testers, responded saying, “the console output is saved with the unit test results. If you download the results and open them in the IDE, you will see the console output in the results view for the test that created…


Updated version of new TestToolsTask

I’ve updated the TestToolsTask that supports using test containers, in addition to the test metadata files supported by v1.  Unfortunately, the task I posted originally didn’t result in builds being marked as failed when the tests had errors.  I missed that fact in my testing.  The reason for the problem is that the v1 Team Build logger looks…


Opportunity to provide feedback on Community Technology Previews (CTPs)

Brian Harry would like your feedback on how and when we do CTPs.  Be sure to post comments on his blog! Feedback on VS Community Technology Previews (CTPs) We recently had an internal email thread with some people on our advisory councils giving us feedback on our CTP process.  There was some interesting and somewhat…


How to run tests in a build without test metadata files and test lists (.vsmdi files)

[UPDATE 6/16/2010]  The VSTS 2008 release added support for test containers (/testcontainer) in the product, and the 2010 release added support for test categories.  This post now only applies to TFS 2005. Since the beginning, running tests in Team Build (or MSBuild in general) has meant having to use .vsmdi files to specify the tests to…


Moving the TFS SharePoint site to another server

Brian Harry talks about the documentation on how to move your TFS SharePoint installation to a different server.  It’s important to note that he calls this out as not being a trivial undertaking, so you’ll want to be extremely cautious. Moving your TFS SharePoint site We’ve gotten tons of requests since we shipped TFS v1.0…


A checkin policy to detect that the build is broken in a CI environment

One important aspect of Continuous Integration is getting notification that the build is broken.  One common way is via a desktop notification from an application like TfsAlert that listens for events (or polls if there isn’t a TFS-style event notification mechanism). Ideally, the build or unit test break would be noticed as soon as it happens,…


Getting desktop notifications for TFS events

Clark Sell has created a home on CodePlex for a useful desktop notification tool called TfsAlert. TfsAlert is a .Net 3.0 smart client which monitors for user selected TFS events and will display a balloon window in the Windows TaskBar Notification Area. It is built on top of WCF where you can subscribe to any TFS…


Visual Studio Team System Chat – Wednesday, Nov. 8th

Join members of the Visual Studio Team System product group to discuss features available in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, Team Editions for Architects, Developers, Database Pros, and Testers. In addition, discuss what’s new in the latest Community Technology Preview (CTP). November 8, 200610:00 – 11:00 A.M. Pacific TimeAdditional Time Zones Add to Calendar


Project Server 2003 – Team Foundation connector released

This was released today.  Here’s the announcement from the GotDotNet workspace. ANNOUNCING THE VISUAL STUDIO TEAM SYSTEM – PROJECT SERVER CONNECTOR! We are pleased to announce general availability of the Project Server 2003 – Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2005 Connector  application. The Connector can be downloaded here: The Connector is largely based on the…


Updated list of continuous integration tools for TFS

I’ve updated my post More continuous integration with Team Build to include tools released after that post was written. tags: tfs, team foundation server, team build