Patch for issue with Visual Studio 2013 Queue Build dialog

In Visual Studio 2013 and Team Explorer 2013 there is a bug that will cause the “What do you want to build?” combo box to be disabled and the entire Parameters tab to be blank. We have now released a patch to fix this bug: KB 2898341. This bug occurs when using VS or TE 2013 with a TFS 2013 server. We introduced the bug at the very end of the release when we made a performance optimization for builds on the server used by the Developer Division.

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Comments (7)

  1. Randy Wood says:

    Does this get installed on the TFS server or on the VS clients?

  2. buckh says:

    Randy, this patch only needs to be installed on VS or Team Explorer clients.

  3. Rolf Huisman says:

    We saw that this patch wasn't included in te Update 1 RC. Can this patch be installed after Update 1 RC ?

  4. buckh says:

    Rolf, I checked with the team, and the fix didn't make it into the RC. It will be in RTM of Update 1. Yes, you can install it along with Update 1.

  5. Shakaryan says:


    After installing the patch, the parameters tab starts showing the items; however, I do not see any of our custom parameters.  Did the update have anything to do with that?

  6. TW Yang says:

    Hello Shakaryan, could you check that in your build process template the custom parameters in question have the BrowsableWhen metadata attribute set to "Always"?  (See…/tfs-2010-custom-process-parameters-part-2-metadata.aspx for more information on process parameter metadata.)

    Without the BrowsableWhen="Always" metadata attribute, it is expected for a custom parameter not to show up in the Queue Build dialog's parameter page.


  7. Hari says:


    Is this patch will improve the performance of the Visual Studio 2013. On which date the patch was released.

    KB 2898341



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