Azure SDK 1.8 now available for build in Team Foundation Service

Brian wrote a post today about the version control web experience changes that were in today’s update. Today’s update also included Azure SDK 1.8 on the build VMs. I’ve seen quite a few folks asking for it, of course.

One of the questions we get often is why we don’t have X in the build VMs. Some of Brian’s post today touches on that, mostly in the form of the explanation for our lack of support for building Win8 apps. The other issue we have is keeping up with the new releases of SDKs of all sorts. For a few, like the Windows Phone 8 SDK, we’ll time updates of the build VMs to match the announcement. For most, like the Azure SDK, we will have to align it with a sprint deployment. I very much hope that at some point these SDKs are packaged in NuGet so that they can easily be pulled during the build based on whatever version your app requires. Until then, we are responsible for the installation of SDKs in the VM image.

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Comments (8)

  1. Alex Dresko says:

    Thanks, Buck. I know we bugged you pretty bad about this one…

  2. Steven Livingstone-Perez says:

    Yay! This is excellent news .. especially as i'm in just VS doing File -> New Azure Project right now :-)

  3. Steven Hillaert says:

    Is it possible to start the storage emulator on the build server?


  4. buckh says:

    Steven, we have it installed but haven't been starting it. It's a great suggestion, and the team is looking at doing it since it is straightforward. I don't know when it will be available yet.

  5. Steven Hillaert says:

    Hi Buck,

    So the the csrun.exe is on the hosted build controller? What's the location?

    I'm using it for some unit tests and my implementation of the unit tests is starting and stopping the storage automatically. It's looking in the registry for the location of the SDK so that the tests work on every dev machine. The hosted build controller is re-imaged after every build right? So even if someone forgets to cleanup it wouldn't impact future builds.

  6. buckh says:

    Yes, it's installed. One of the devs is looking into it. I suspect that you may not have sufficient permission on the VM to start it.

    Yes, the build VMs are re-imaged after every build.

    Why do you want to start and stop it?

  7. Steven Hillaert says:

    As it's for unit testing I want to cleanup as much as possible after each test. Stopping isn't really needed as it doesn't remove any files, that's done in code. I was looking for something like a reset but that's only available in the UI of the storage emulator.

    Looking forward to this functionality!

  8. buckh says:

    Thanks for the explanation.

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