DevDiv is now running on TFS 2012 Update 1 final CTP

Back in June, I wrote about the upgrade of the main Developer Division server to TFS 2012 RC. That post described both the scale of that server as well as the issues that we found in the process of upgrading it and the for the first week of running it (we found most all of the issues in the first week). Last month we upgraded that server to TFS 2012 RTM.

Now this past Friday, we upgraded it to the final CTP for TFS 2012 Update 1. While the CTP is not licensed for production use, we wanted to use this opportunity to find the issues that you only find in production on such a large server. We’ve been upgrading our smaller internal “dogfood” server called pioneer every three weeks with every CTP we’ve released, and of course we put the same update on every three weeks. However, the developer division server scale is different with a few thousand users all working on the same project.

Just like we did with the 2012 RC, we found some issues. We are going to have these addressed for the final release of TFS Update 1, so you’ll be able to use it knowing that we have put it into production on our mission-critical server.

  • Web.config settings aren’t being maintained (affected both build and version control cache directory)
  • Circular group memberships are causing performance problems

Brian has listed the features in Visual Studio Update 1 and TFS Update 1.

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Comments (9)

  1. Automation Planet says:

    Thanks Buck that's really great, keep up the good work! you and Microsoft always impressed me :-)

  2. Betty says:

    Does that mean the CTP can be upgraded to the final version? or do you get a special build that can upgrade?

  3. buckh says:

    No, with it not being licensed for production use, upgrades are blocked. This is because it has not gone through the appropriate testing to be able to support it for general use. Since we are the team that builds the product, we have signed up to fully support it on our own production server internally. There are only two internal servers running pre-release bits, the main devdiv server and the smaller pioneer dogfood server we update every three weeks after each sprint.

  4. Betty says:

    So if someone has installed it on their server what options do they have? Basically rebuild the tfs server and migrate all workitems/source?

  5. buckh says:

    Unfortunately, you would be blocked from installing the released version of the update. If you are in that situation, you can contact me, and I'll see what we can do.

  6. Allen Feinberg says:

    Is TFS Team Project rename finally available?

  7. buckh says:

    Unfortunately, it is not.

  8. I am running an TFS 2012 Exspress. I tried to run the Update 1, but I get an error telling me itis not able to update the DB (because Update 1 CTP 2 seems to be installed, but I didn't install it!). How can I apply Update 1?

  9. buckh says:

    There is a check in there for one of the CTPs being installed. It's a version stamp check, so maybe someone else installed it? You can use the contact button on this blog to email me.

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