Ewald’s posts on TFS Build 2010

Ewald Hofman, an ALM MVP, has written a great series of blog posts on Team Build in Team Foundation Server 2010.  The 2010 release introduces Windows Workflow as the overall orchestrator of the build process.  Ewald walks you through quite a few topics related to this and the other new features.  Check it out!

  1. Part 1: Introduction
  2. Part 2: Add arguments and variables
  3. Part 3: Use more complex arguments
  4. Part 4: Create your own activity
  5. Part 5: Increase AssemblyVersion
  6. Part 6: Use custom type for an argument
  7. Part 7: How is the custom assembly found
  8. Part 8: Send information to the build log
  9. Part 9: Impersonate activities (run under other credentials)
  10. Part 10: Include Version Number in the Build Number
  11. Part 11: Speed up opening my build process template
  12. Part 12: How to debug my custom activities
  13. Part 13: Get control over the Build Output
  14. Part 14: Execute a PowerShell script
  15. Part 15: Fail a build based on the exit code of a console application
  16. Part 16: Specify the relative reference path
Comments (3)
  1. Tevvya says:

    One issue left unaddressed here is how to handle remote sites.  We have one and they cannot download the build results from TFS build because it times out over the WAN.

    What is the recommended method for addressing this performance situation?

  2. Tevvya says:

    Oh, I should be a bit more specific.  Our build has ~400 unit tests which are run.   The problem was retrieving the results of the unit tests when a few of them had failed.  Visual Studio would time out trying to pull over all the UT results.

  3. buckh says:

    Tevya, unfortunately there's nothing you can do about it in the short run.  It will hopefully be addressed in the next version.

    Here's a response from Sriram, one of the devs on the feature.

    I just tried out the scenario with a test run containing around 2500 unit tests. I used the standard WAN network profile used in our test bed, and VS took around 90 seconds to pull down all the results.

    The reason why this scenario suffers in WAN is because VS needs to download N files, where N is the number of unit tests. There is a task tracking improving this exact scenario (#655660).

    But unfortunately, there isn't a good answer for 2010.

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