OData service for TFS

Brian Keller has release a new OData service for TFS.  He does a great job explaining it, and he also includes a video demo.

OData Service for Team Foundation Server 2010

What the heck is an OData Service for Team Foundation Server 2010?
I’m glad you asked. The purpose of this project is to help developers work with data from Team Foundation Server on multiple types of devices (such as smartphones and tablets) and operating systems. OData provides a great solution for this goal, since the existing Team Foundation Server 2010 object model only works for applications developed on the Windows platform. The Team Foundation Server 2010 application tier also exposes a number of web services, but these are not supported interfaces and interaction with these web services directly may have unintended side effects. OData, on the other hand, is accessible from any device and application stack which supports HTTP requests. As such, this OData service interacts with the client object model in the SDK (it does not manipulate any web services directly).

What is OData?
OData exposes a way to work with data over the web. If you’re new to OData, I suggest spending a few minutes at http://www.odata.org/ reading about this evolving standard. It uses interfaces similar to REST, so that you can programmatically consume and manipulate data from any device or application stack which supports HTTP requests. DPE has been working with several organizations (such as PayPal, Facebook, and Netflix) and product groups to enable OData where it makes sense to do so. Team Foundation Server was an obvious choice since it not only allows developers to extend TFS in new and interesting ways, but it also allows us to further showcase support for this evolving standard with the developer community at large.



Comments (3)

  1. Pedro says:

    Hi Buck!

    I just published one app(on WP7 Market Place) as well based on the TFS Odata Service.

    The App name is "TFS On The Road".

    You can find more Information under:





  2. buckh says:

    Pedro, that's really cool!  You cover quite a bit in your first release.  Keep up the great work!


  3. Pedro says:

    Hi Buck!

    Thanks! I will keep moving it further. Yesterday I started the next version development. :)


    On this post you can see a video with one simple but very important feature that is not on the first version.

    I will let you know about the next release.


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