How to subscribe to checkins not under a particular path

Nick Kirchem, who works on the TFS web access team, recently answered a question on how email subscriptions on checkin alerts.  The question was, how do I subscribe to checkin alerts not under a particular folder? Here’s how to do it. bissubscribe /eventType CheckinEvent /address /deliveryType EmailHtml /server http://myserver:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection "’Artifacts/Artifact[@ArtifactType=\"VersionedItem\"][not(starts-with(translate(@ServerItem, \"ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ\", \"abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz\"), \"$/devdiv/feature/build/qa\"))]’ <>…


How to delete a team project from Team Foundation Service (

[UPDATE 9/13/13] You can now use the web UI to delete a team project. [UPDATE 5/14/13] Updated the URLs and version of VS (used to say preview) The question came up as to how to delete a team project in the Team Foundation Service (TFService).  When I first tried it, it didn’t work.  Then I…


Now on Twitter: tfsbuck

With the build conference last week, I got a Twitter account and started following the comments and responding to questions.  I’m @tfsbuck.


TFS 2010 SP1 Cumulative Update 1 available (again)

Brian posted about the cumulative update for TFS (the TFS SKU, not the client/VS) back in June.  After it was released we learned of a couple of bugs in it, including one where upgrades would not work in certain cases.  Last Thursday, we re-released it with all of the known bugs fixed.  We understand where…


Patch to improve perf and reliability of the Workflow Designer

Today the .NET team is releasing a cumulative update patch.  This has all of the QFEs up until a couple of months ago rolled into one patch.  Included as part of that is a patch for WPF that improves the performance of the Windows Workflow Designer as well as a hang that a number of…


Knowing which thread BackgroundWorker will use for its events

[UPDATE 7/19/2011]  Stephen pointed me to his article covering this and more in February issue of MSDN Magazine, and I recommend it: We hit this recently, so I thought I’d post this email from Chad, a developer on version control, for anyone else who may have missed this subtlety. Today we discovered some of our…


Updates to our docs on MSDN last month

The fine folks who write documentation for our product are woefully outnumbered.  Every month they release updates to the docs, adding new topics and enhancing existing ones.  You can find the latest set of updates described on their blog. Team Foundation Server, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, SQL Server Building the Application Team Explorer Everywhere Team…


Ewald’s posts on TFS Build 2010

Ewald Hofman, an ALM MVP, has written a great series of blog posts on Team Build in Team Foundation Server 2010.  The 2010 release introduces Windows Workflow as the overall orchestrator of the build process.  Ewald walks you through quite a few topics related to this and the other new features.  Check it out! Part…


Be a developer at Microsoft in Durham, NC

Do you want to be part of a team of talented developers and build great software?  Here’s your chance to join the TFS team.  In addition to development positions in Redmond (work item tracking client team), I have openings on our development team here in North Carolina.  Please follow one of the links to apply…


Making debugging easier: Source Indexing and Symbol Server

Have you ever tried to debug an issue in old binaries and you don’t remember which version of the source they correspond to?  Have you debugged without symbols because no one saved them?  Here’s how to make your life easier. One of the great features in Team Foundation Server 2010 Build is the ability to…


OData service for TFS

Brian Keller has release a new OData service for TFS.  He does a great job explaining it, and he also includes a video demo. OData Service for Team Foundation Server 2010 What the heck is an OData Service for Team Foundation Server 2010? I’m glad you asked. The purpose of this project is to help…


Professional Team Foundation Server 2010 is now out!

In the year since the release of TFS 2010, we’ve seen a run of great new books coming, all by authors who really know their subject matter extremely well.  At the beginning of the year, Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi and William Bartholomew published Using MSBuild and Team Foundation Build, the book on MSBuild and TFS Build….


How to reject checkins with code analysis violations

Andrew Hall wrote a great post on the Code Analysis Team Blog about how to use the code analysis checkin policy with gated checkin in Team Foundation 2010 Build to reject checkins that have code analysis warnings or errors.  He shows you how to configure the rule set and set up the gated build definition…


We’re here, and we have a sign to prove it

Yeah, seven years in this location, and the building had no outward markings to indicate that our office is here.  It’s official.  We’re here.  Really.


How to turn on compression for TFS 2010 web services

In the past, we’ve turned on compression for the SOAP responses for the TFS web services.  In TFS 2010, you must do it manually.  In the future, I hope we have it turned on by default.  It’s particularly good for teams that aren’t at the same location as the TFS server.  For users on a…


How to distribute custom checkin policies and work item controls using the power tools

Custom checkin policies and custom work item controls are great ways to take advantage of the extensibility of TFS.  You can use checkin policies to enforce certain standards on checkins (even in your builds).  Custom work item controls allow you to add controls to your work item forms that present data in particular way, access other…


Moving work item description fields to HTML

Neno’s been blogging a lot this month, and many of his posts have helpful tools associated with them.  The post below caught my eye as particularly useful.  We’ll be using HTML fields more going forward, and he has a tool to help you move your existing work items to use an HTML field for the…


VS 2010 SP1 crashes when viewing build on a TFS 2008 server

Unfortunately, we introduced a regression into Visual Studio 2010 SP1 in the process of fixing a performance issue in the build details view that a number of customers had reported (viewing the log was really slow for larger builds). We made this change late in SP1. I apologize for the inconvenience. I want to make…


Managing TFS 2010: How to clean up test attachment data

Test attachment data generated by the new testing features in VS 2010 can add a large amount of data to your TFS server.  In fact, we discovered on our own “dogfood” server that test data was taking up more space than the version control data.  You can read more about it in Grant’s post here….


Visual Studio setup projects (vdproj) will not ship with future versions of VS

[UPDATE 04/18/14] The Visual Studio team has released an extension to VS 2013 to address the feedback on this, which has been loud and clear for a long time now: Visual Studio Installer Projects Extension. [UPDATE 11/6/12] Fixed broken links. At the user group meeting last night, someone asked about the future of WiX.  There…