Where is TFS Basic?

TFS Basic is not a separate download.  It’s just a choice in the TFS configuration wizard.  So to get TFS Basic, you download the regular Team Foundation Server installation, either 32-bit or 64-bit (yes, TFS now supports 64-bit Windows natively), and then run setup.exe.  After the MSI (installation phase that more or less just copies files to your disk) is done, you’ll see the following dialog.  Choose Basic, and finish your TFS setup in record time!


Comments (4)

  1. Dylan says:

    Can we "downgrade" from TFS2008 to TFS Basic?

  2. buckh says:

    Dylan, yes you can do that.  You will lose any SharePoint and SQL Reporting Services config you have, since TFS Basic doesn’t configure those.  If at some point you choose to go back to full TFS, you can configure those at that point.


  3. Hi Buck,

               Thanks for posting all these valuable information regarding TFS. Currently i am working as a QC professional. In Our organization we are planning to implement the TFS VSTS2010 for automation testing purpose. So, I would like to know can it will be possible that I can use TFS VSTS2010 for load testing.And If it is so, then what extra component i have to install for this.

                             Any valueable information regarding this will be highly appericiated.

  4. buckh says:

    I believe load testing is still a separate SKU in 2010, but I’m not positive.


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