Team Foundation Build 2008 API documentation

The documentation for the team build 2008 object model is now available as a CHM file.  Later this year, I'm told that the MSDN web site will be updated. Foundation Build Managed Reference.chm

After you download it you will need to right click it, choose Properties, and then select “Unblock” before you can view it.

This documentation is newer than what Aaron posted back in August.

The following are posts with examples of using the 2008 object model.

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  1. Aaron Hallberg on Team Build 2008 Property Reference. Charles Sterling on Upgrading Team Foundation Server…

  2. Hi, The documentation for the team build 2008 object model is now available as a CHM file. Later this

  3. Buck Hodges posted a very useful CHM for those of us developing against the new TFS 2008 object model….

  4. Sucharith says:

    Can someone point me to documentation on how to deploy the TFS API Dlls to another machine along with my custom code, when the target machine does not have any of the Team Explorer componenets installed. I am looking for a merge module or redistributable of some sorts to package it with my setup. When I add a setup project I believe it is beinging in all the Dlls but I need to know if I am breaking any rules in doing so.

    Thanks in advance.

    Sucharith Vanguri

  5. Buck Hodges says:

    Unfortunately the only supported way to do that is to install Team Explorer.  We do not have something that installs just the object model.  Also, note that the users running a tool that accesses the server must have a CAL (that would also be true if we had something available that installed just the object model).


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