MSBuild Sidekick V2 beta

Eugene Zakhareyev has released a beta of the second version of MSBuild Sidekick.  This version adds some unique features, including visualizing the build targets.  If you've ever had to pick up someone else's msbuild project files, you'll really appreciate this feature.

Here's a screenshot of the target visualization from Visualization in MSBuild Sidekick v2.

You can find out more about MSBuild Sidekick v2 in MSBuild Sidekick v2 beta is available!

Be sure to check out the Team Foundation Sidekick as well.

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  1. Mickey Gousset on Go check out my first article at Brian Harry on A new community project…

  2. With the release of MSBuild Sidekick v2 , several questions have been asked repeatedly. But what is the

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