TSWA tip: Send an email with a work item or query results

Let's say you're going through your bugs and want to ask someone a question about one of them.  You can use Team System Web Access to send that person an email containing all of the work item's information and a link to it.

To email a work item, open the work item in TSWA.  Go to the Tools menu shown below and choose Send as Email.


You'll get a new window where you can enter the person's full email address and type a message.  The message body contains a link to the work item in Team System Web Access and all of the work item's fields and contents.


You can also email query results.  As with the work item above, go to the Tools menu and choose Send as Email.


You'll then get a similar email window that contains the results of the query and a link so that the email recipient can run the same query.



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  1. Buck Hodges on TSWA Tip: Send an email with a work item or query result. Michael Ruminer on TFS 2008…

  2. Orlin says:

    I am experiencing a major issue:  TSWA (2008 Beta, but also 2005) does not trigger caching of images and other files by IE7.  Firefox caches images and urls fine, but not IE7.  IE7 requests all upon every page request.  "Check for new versions of stored pages" option in IE7 is set to Automatic (the default).  This causes ~30 request to the server per every action resulting in extreme slowness.

    Please help!!!

  3. Orlin says:

    I solved the problem by enabling Content Expiration in IIS.  Maybe there is a better way.  In any case this is a major issue that probably affects other people too.

    Firefox caches OK, but not IE.  

  4. Buck Hodges says:

    Like Team Explorer, Team System Web Access does not support work item templates yet (though you can get

  5. Like Team Explorer, Team System Web Access does not support work item templates yet (though you can get

  6. Ryan Tee says:

    The description field only accepts plain text… it should be a rich text box for better viewing/editing, and support image (at least from VS 2005/2008).


  7. Buck Hodges says:

    Ryan, I agree with your request for the VS client.  For the web client, it’s a little trickier of course.  Right now, the web client allows you to insert images so long as they have an URL.  Regardless, the web client won’t be able to support it until the server supports it.  I don’t know where this is on the list of priorities for WIT.


  8. Eric Brown says:

    Hi – any way to set this up to select the email to from a list? my users here dont want to type in the email address every time.

  9. Buck Hodges says:

    Eric, unfortunately there is not.  We’ve added it to the backlog for a future release.


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