Using CruiseControl.NET to trigger TFS 2005 builds for continuous integration

I ran across the following post by James Dawson and thought it may be of interest to folks trying to do CI with TFS 2005.  Of course, you'll find CI as part of the product in TFS 2008.

TeamBuild Plug-in for CruiseControl.NET

I've been meaning to write this post for a couple of months now as a follow-up to a session that Colin and I gave at the Microsoft Architect Insight Conference back in March, but just haven't found the time... at least, that's my excuse - anyway cutting to the chase!

Since the release of Team Foundation Server (TFS) there have been several Continuous Integration add-ons produced by various folks:

We've used most of the above, but despite however well they worked have found myself wanting some feature or other that was available in CCNet (actually it more about being badgered by developers about the missing features!).  Whilst some of the above could have been extended to support these features, I couldn't help but feel that this would have been reinventing the wheel - hence the idea to extend CCNet.


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  2. Does anyone know if the source for this plug-in is available?  It doesn’t handle spaces in the Project names very well (sends the spaces without quotes to tf.exe on the command line).

  3. buckh says:

    David, I’m not sure.  You can try contacting James Dawson on his blog.  Here’s the link for email:


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