Adding Team System Web Access to the mix

A year ago I became the dev lead for Team Build.  As of this month, I'm now also the dev lead for Team System Web Access (TSWA), which is the name of the group that resulted from our earlier acquisition of devBiz Solutions, makers of TeamPlain Web Access.  Hakan, Ahmet, and Serkan have joined our team in North Carolina, relocating from Turkey.  Hakan is the program manager for TSWA, and Ahmet and Serkan are developers on TSWA.  It'll take a while for me to catch up to Ahmet and Serkan. :-)  It's great to have them on the team, and I look forward to this team delivering some great features.

We'll soon be releasing the power tool version of TSWA for TFS 2005 (the original TeamPlain is still available here).  After that, we'll be working on a similar power tool release for TFS 2008.  Beginning with Rosario, which is the release of TFS following TFS 2008, TSWA will be an integrated part of the product rather than a separate power tool.

Let us know what you need in TSWA.  We're planning for Rosario now, so it's a great time to give us your feedback.

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  1. Great news indeed. I’m a big fan of TFS Web Access and always install it with TFS. Looking forward to the new stuff.

  2. Congratulations Buck!

  3. Tony says:

    Build it a collection of Web Parts would be very nice … that allows us to easily integrate information in our intranet and extranet.

  4. buckh says:

    We’ve discussed web parts as for Rosario, so that might happen.


  5. Build creation and editing

  6. Webparts would be good, really a better integration with the project portal.  Support for Web Service Remoting portlets also nice.

    May already be there, but the ability to send the browser to a predictable URL (i.e. http://tfsserver/tfswa/workitem.aspx?id=1234) for read/write view of that artifact.  This should then be integrated with email alerts etc.

    Would also like the ability to skin the interface, mainly would like to have the company logo rather than TFS Web Access logo.

    Any client side WIT rules validation would also be nice.

    Good luck to the team as they settle into Raleigh life!


  7. buckh says:

    Thanks for the suggestions, Martin!

    For the direct URL, you can use http://{TSWA_URL}/wi.aspx?id=X to get directly to work item X.  This will be supported in the upcoming power tools release, but it may also be supported by TeamPlain.


  8. AndyCombes says:

    Here is my current list of ‘must-have’ features:

    1) The ability to easily add related work items, as in the WinForms Team System Client interface.  

    Currently in the web interface, you have to add a new work item, and then link it up via its id as two seperate distinct steps.  In the WinForms interface you can just right click on the work item and select ‘Add Related Work Item’, this creates and links in one step.

    2) A way of visualising related work items in a tree view.  

    We currently add related ‘Task’ work items to Scenarios/Bugs to represent the work required to implement/fix them.  However, because the only way of visualising work items in both the WinForms and Web Team System interfaces is a list, it makes figuring which task are related to what hard.  

  9. buckh says:

    Andy, these are good suggestions.  Oddly enough, I ran into #1 again today myself.

    Regarding visualizing work items, that’s been discussed for Rosario.  I agree that would be really useful.



  10. Mark Richter says:

    I want to be able to hide deleted objects and Team Projects from the UI. I have *a lot* of deleted Team Projects that are residue of experimentation. I don’t want to have to wade through them in the TSWA Source UI tree.

    Mark Richter

    Sr. Director Software Engineering

    IGN / Fox Interactive Media

  11. buckh says:

    Mark, I asked Hakan, and he mentioned that feature is in the TFS 2005 power tools release of Team System Web Access that is now available.

    In the power tools release, click on the Source tab, then click the Settings drop down in the upper right, choose Profile -> Options, and near the bottom of the page you’ll find an option in the Source Control Settings called “Show deleted source control items.”


  12. Serkan Inci says:

    For AndyCombes feedbacks:

    #1: In Teamplain 2.0 RC, there is a behavior like Team Explorer for adding a related work item easily. It can be done by hovering a little triangle left to the work item in any work item list. You can then click "Add Related Work Item" and create a new work item with an existing link to it. This feature will be also in TFS 2005 Power Tools Release of course :).

    #2: There is also a feature in TeamPlain 2.0 RC (will be also in TFS 2005 Power Tools Release), which shows a plus sign if necessary. By clicking this plus icon, the related work items can be listed in the same screen. However, this  provides only 1 level of hierarchy.

  13. Ricardo says:

    There are some good comments here regarding suggested features, including some of my own:

  14. buckh says:

    Ricardo, thanks for the feedback.  We’ve talked about the ability to be able to expose a limited work item form over the internet and other restricted use scenarios for Rosario, which is the release after TFS 2008.  However, there’s nothing definite at this point.  It’s clear that a number of folks want this.



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