CodePlex project: TFSBuildLab

Peter Blomqvist and Mathias Olausson have undertaken an ambitious project to provide things like build queuing and continuous integration on top of TFS 2005.  While we have these features in TFS 2008, this project provides some of these essential features for use with your current TFS deployment.

TFSBuildLab - Project Description

TFSBuildLab is a project to simplify the day to day operations when using automated builds and Team System.
This project handles common Team System issues such as:

- Continuous integration builds
- Scheduled builds
- Build queueing
- Manual and automated build cleanup
- TFS Event notifications

Many of these issues are handled in the upcoming TFS release (, but we wanted to have a good implementation until then and we also aim to be as forward-compatible as possible.

Project Documentation

Check it out and give them feedback on it!

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