Outlook 2007 macro to create work item and changeset hyperlinks

Richard Berg updated the Outlook macros I posted nearly two years ago to work with Outlook 2007.  These macros will convert the selected number into a hyperlink to that work item or changeset.  I have them hooked up to Alt+W and Alt+C for work items and changesets, respectively.

Outlook macro for work item and changeset hyperlinks -- updated for 2007

When I upgraded to OL2007, Buck's great little macros stopped working.  Today, I finally got the guts to ask the Outlook guys what they broke improved.  The answer was simple enough.  I'll let the code do the talking:


Comments (2)

  1. jayneb says:

    This was very interesting, but do you have any tips for how to BE in TFS, in a work item, and pick to have that sent off to someone via email.  Alerts isn’t the answer as far as I can see.

  2. buckh says:

    Unfortunately, we don’t have a good answer in the product yet (up through TFS 2008).  The closest you get with VS is opening the query view of a work item query, saving it to a file (.wiql), and then mailing it.  The user then has to import it.  Given the number of steps in that, it’s not what you are after, of course.

    In Team System Web Access (formerly TeamPlain), you can have it send mail the way that you want.  When you bring up a work item or query, you’ll notice a Tools menu near the top.  One of the entries in that drop down menu is to send email with the work item or query results.  It works the way you would expect.  By the end of this month there will be a Microsoft-branded power tools release of Web Access.  I’ll post here when it’s available.


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