Jeff Atwood’s Team Foundation Server Event Subscription Tool

Jeff has posted a nice GUI for creating event subscriptions.  This tool makes the process less arcane and error prone.  Check it out!

Team Foundation Server Event Subscription Tool

To set up advanced subscriptions, you needed to use bissubscribe.exe. This is problematic, because the command-line syntax is complicated, and also because bissubscribe.exe is only available on the Team Foundation Server.

To address this deficiency Naren posted a GUI tool that lets you create Work Item Event Subscriptions in July 2006. I took that tool and modified it so that it supports all event subscriptions, along with a bunch of other enhancements The new Team Foundation Server Event Subscription Tool is up on CodePlex now.


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  2. BLiTZ says:

    These tools are fine, when you need to create basic subscriptions. We’re used them quite a while, but they lack advanced features or require to mess with source code to adapt to your needs. That is why we are developed web-based application to manage subscriptions, that supports custom, complex expressions (for example: "when defect moves to closed or rejected state, send e-mail to its creator"). You can try it here: . It comes with 30-days full-functional trial. We are very interested in any feedback, so don’t hesitate to write to us. Your opinion is greatly appreciated.

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