Tabbed windows for remote desktop connections

Shortly after I wrote about Remote Desktop Connection 6.0 client, Blake Handler sent me email about a CodePlex project called Terminals.  Terminals is a neat application that hosts RDC sessions in tabs.

One of the options in the Terminals connection dialog is whether to connect to the console, which becomes important when connecting to Windows 2003 Servers.  Unless I missed it, the RDC 6.0 GUI still doesn't have this feature, and you still have to use mstsc /console.

Terminals was created by Dudu Shmaya and Eyal Post.  If Dudu's name sounds familiar, it's because he also wrote the TFSBuildManager that I recently wrote about.  I noticed it at the time and added to the list of things to check out, but Blake's email motivated me to go download and try it.  I like it!

You can find screenshots of Terminals in Eyal's post, Windows Terminal Services Client.  Check it out!

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Comments (6)

  1. You did miss it…. the prior version AND this version support the command-line option /console to connect to the console.  You can also change any .RDP file by opening it with notepad and adding this to the end:

    connect to console:i:1


  2. Dudu Shmaya says:

    We have published today a new version with some support for RDP 6.0 features. Enjoy.

  3. buckh says:

    Marc, I mentioned the /console command line switch, but I’d really like to have the standard RDC GUI contain an option to connect to the console rather than having it be a command line option or a manual change to the .RDP option.


  4. barry says:

    do you know how to make an .rdp file to connect to the console for a 6.1 rdp client to a 2003 server?  Seems they changed the switch to /admin but left out any sort of way to do it in the .rdp file.  help!

    thank you,


  5. buckh says:

    Barry, it looks like you would either use the old ConnectToServerConsole or the new ConnectToAdministerServer.  I saw the new one mentioned in the KB article:  There it is described as a property for an interface, but I suspect it may work in the rdp file (didn’t try it).

    While it doesn’t mention the new setting, the following page seems to be the most useful in describing the rdp file:


  6. Tommy says:

    10 years later, RDP still doesn’t support tabs out of the box.

    I would really suggest you take a look at Remote Destop Manager from devolutions. The free version is very powerful and there is many other options

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