Continuous Integration in Team Build for Orcas

Brian Harry has written a post about an SD Times article about TFS.  Since he is the head of Team Foundation, his posts tend to have interesting tidbits in them, such as the following.

It talks about the lack of continuous integration and the ability to schedule builds. It also talks about lack of a gui editor for build definitions. I think it's fair to say that TFS Build is the weakest of our "out of the box" feature experiences. It does a good job serving as an integration point - pulling together data from version control, work item tracking, testing, the build process and populating the warehouse. However, much of it is manual. Build is one of our biggest areas of investment in Orcas - including better extensibility, continuous integration and lots of other features.

The emphasis on the last part is mine, of course, since I didn't want anyone to miss it.  CI and other significant enhancements to Team Build are alive and kicking, and we are really excited about it.  And when we say CI is in Team Build for Orcas, we're not just talking about bolting on some add-on.  It's a first-class part of Team Build.

If you care about these features, it will be really important to use them and give us feedback when they show up in a CTP (I don't know when that will be).  The sooner you give us feedback after the release of a CTP or beta -- and this is true across the product -- the more likely it is that we can make changes to address your feedback.

Brian ends the post by mentioning his TFS roadmap, which he intends to publish by the end of the year.  He has sent it around internally, and it contains a fair amount of detail.  There's lots of good stuff to talk about in the near future, so keep an eye out for it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. I am really looking forward to this. CI is a big miss in the current release of the TFS platform. …

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  4. Raghavendra says:

    In TFS 2010 build, we should have the feature which would allow parellel builds to happen.

    If we have a scheduled build at 9PM in the evening using one build definition.

    A check in policy where in every check in triggers build. and a user did a check in 8:59PM.

    TFS should be able to run both definitios in parellel, instead of queueing the build.

    Thank you in advance.

  5. buckh says:

    Raghavendra, you can have CI builds run in parallel in TFS 2010 if you configure it to use a controller with more than one build agent in its pool.


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