Continuous Integration in Team Build for Orcas

Brian Harry has written a post about an SD Times article about TFS.  Since he is the head of Team Foundation, his posts tend to have interesting tidbits in them, such as the following. It talks about the lack of continuous integration and the ability to schedule builds. It also talks about lack of a…


Building software against different versions of .NET with MSBuild in Orcas

Faisal Mohamood, a program manager on the MSBuild team, has written a pair of posts about the “multi-targeting” feature in the Orcas version of MSBuild.  Multi-targeting allows you to build your code against the .NET 2.0, 3.0, or 3.5 frameworks, according to your requirements.  This is great because it allows folks to have some projects…


All of the Sysinternals tools in one download

Microsoft TechNet put them all in one convenient download. Sysinternals Suite Published: November 1, 2006 Introduction The entire set of Sysinternals Utilities have been rolled up into a single Suite of tools. This file contains all the individual tools and help files. Download SysinternalsSuite (8 MB) tags: tools, sysinternals


Where does the console output for tests go when run within Team Build?

This question came up on the internal discussion alias.  Tom Marsh, development lead on VSTS for Testers, responded saying, “the console output is saved with the unit test results. If you download the results and open them in the IDE, you will see the console output in the results view for the test that created…


Updated version of new TestToolsTask

I’ve updated the TestToolsTask that supports using test containers, in addition to the test metadata files supported by v1.  Unfortunately, the task I posted originally didn’t result in builds being marked as failed when the tests had errors.  I missed that fact in my testing.  The reason for the problem is that the v1 Team Build logger looks…


Opportunity to provide feedback on Community Technology Previews (CTPs)

Brian Harry would like your feedback on how and when we do CTPs.  Be sure to post comments on his blog! Feedback on VS Community Technology Previews (CTPs) We recently had an internal email thread with some people on our advisory councils giving us feedback on our CTP process.  There was some interesting and somewhat…


How to run tests in a build without test metadata files and test lists (.vsmdi files)

[UPDATE 6/16/2010]  The VSTS 2008 release added support for test containers (/testcontainer) in the product, and the 2010 release added support for test categories.  This post now only applies to TFS 2005. Since the beginning, running tests in Team Build (or MSBuild in general) has meant having to use .vsmdi files to specify the tests to…