Team Foundation Server Knowledge Base Articles

Neno Loje, a Microsoft MVP, posted a nice list of knowledge base articles for Team Foundation.  Here's the list (copied from his post).

So I thought I'd try searching the KB to see how easy it is to get this list.  Well, I don't like the search interface.  If I search by product for Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (the only product name choice), I get the following results (click here to run the query).

Needless to say, that's not a great result.

If instead you search for the phrase "team foundation" you get all sorts of results (79 total, currently), some of which don't seem to be directly related to Team Foundation.  Click here to run that query.

Neno's list is much better.

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Comments (4)

  1. Excellent! A great service to us all.

  2. Buck Hodges の Team Foundation Server Knowledge Base Articles から ぜーんぶ英語なのが玉に瑕ですが Knowledge Baseがまとめられているので

  3. > "Neno’s list is much better."

    Thanks Buck ;-)

    Yes, it was quite painful to make it…


  4. Buck 也整理了一系列 Knowledge Base Team Foundation Server Knowledge Base Articles 整理了幾個重要的 網站 Visual Studio

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