Moving the TFS SharePoint site to another server

Brian Harry talks about the documentation on how to move your TFS SharePoint installation to a different server.  It’s important to note that he calls this out as not being a trivial undertaking, so you’ll want to be extremely cautious. Moving your TFS SharePoint site We’ve gotten tons of requests since we shipped TFS v1.0…


A checkin policy to detect that the build is broken in a CI environment

One important aspect of Continuous Integration is getting notification that the build is broken.  One common way is via a desktop notification from an application like TfsAlert that listens for events (or polls if there isn’t a TFS-style event notification mechanism). Ideally, the build or unit test break would be noticed as soon as it happens,…


Getting desktop notifications for TFS events

Clark Sell has created a home on CodePlex for a useful desktop notification tool called TfsAlert. TfsAlert is a .Net 3.0 smart client which monitors for user selected TFS events and will display a balloon window in the Windows TaskBar Notification Area. It is built on top of WCF where you can subscribe to any TFS…


Visual Studio Team System Chat – Wednesday, Nov. 8th

Join members of the Visual Studio Team System product group to discuss features available in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, Team Editions for Architects, Developers, Database Pros, and Testers. In addition, discuss what’s new in the latest Community Technology Preview (CTP). November 8, 200610:00 – 11:00 A.M. Pacific TimeAdditional Time Zones Add to Calendar


Project Server 2003 – Team Foundation connector released

This was released today.  Here’s the announcement from the GotDotNet workspace. ANNOUNCING THE VISUAL STUDIO TEAM SYSTEM – PROJECT SERVER CONNECTOR! We are pleased to announce general availability of the Project Server 2003 – Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2005 Connector  application. The Connector can be downloaded here: The Connector is largely based on the…


Updated list of continuous integration tools for TFS

I’ve updated my post More continuous integration with Team Build to include tools released after that post was written. tags: tfs, team foundation server, team build


Team System Virtual PC image, including Team Foundation Server

Someone recently asked me whether there is a VPC image available for Team System and Team Foundation.  There is one available to MSDN subscribers in the download area.  It’s under Developer Tools -> Visual Studio 2005 -> English -> Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite Trial Edition (For Evaluation Only). Earlier versions of this VPC have…


Assigning work items for failed builds

Steven St. Jean has written a nice post about how to assign to a particular person the work item that’s created for a failed build.  When he talks about the name for the Assigned To field, it must match the name that’s displayed in work item tracking.  WIT shows the display name for a user,…


Creating a new server from an old one: Beware of the InstanceId

[UPDATE 8/23/14] The MSDN topic Move Team Foundation Server has the information about cloning TFS 2013. Today, that info is in the Q&A section at the bottom of that page. [This post contains instructions for TFS 2005/2008 and TFS 2010, which is in a separate section below] Grant Holliday wrote a post called, TFS InstanceId,…


Understanding port configuration for Team Build

Etienne Tremblay, a Microsoft MVP, put up a nice Visio diagram showing the ports used by Team Build and the direction that must be opened for each.  Check it out! Team build the ins and outs So we learn stuff everyday… well I hope.  Here is a bit of insight on Team Build, specifically the ports that…


Team Foundation Server Knowledge Base Articles

Neno Loje, a Microsoft MVP, posted a nice list of knowledge base articles for Team Foundation.  Here’s the list (copied from his post). Limitations on access to Visual Studio Team Foundation Server over the Internet How to enable tracing in Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server You cannot delete a team query on a project…


Team Foundation Power Toys video on Channel 9

Brian Keller has put up a video on Channel 9 that has Erin Geaney, a developer on the TFS MS Office integration team, demonstrating the Team Foundation Power Toys that we updated recently.  The original release of the power toys was nearly a year ago and was the work of an intern who worked for…


How to use the new Custom Controls in Work Item Forms (SP1)

Naren Datha<, a dev who works on the WIT client, has written a post on how to use the new work item tracking custom controls that are introduced in SP1 beta (he previously mentioned some ideas for custom controls).  He provides an overview, details on how to create custom controls, some hints for troubleshooting, and…