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I ran two searches on CodePlex to see what folks are developing for TFS.  One search was for "TFS" and the other was for "Team Foundation," which I hope would be enough to catch them all.  The second search only yielded one additional project (Time Tracker).

It's always cool to see what folks come up with.  Highly-motivated individuals and groups can extend TFS in really meaningful ways.  If you start a project for TFS, contact me when you have a usable release, and I'll mention it in a post.

The one highlighted in bold have useful releases that you can download today.

Project TFS Code Review Workflow

TFS Code Review Workflow This project is a combination of a Code Review Work Item and a Code Review Check-in Policy. The check-in policy doesn’t allow a check-in unless it has an associated Code Review work item, and that work item is set to approved. Only people in a TFS group named [Project]Code Reviewers can set an item to approved. Workflow: 1. Dev finishes code and wants it reviewed ...

Project TFS File Sync

Web Service for receiving notification of TFS check-ins and copying specified files to locations like UNC paths or SharePoint servers.

[Note: This is like the shadow folders feature from VSS.  It's quite a bit more sophisticated than the Windows task scheduler approach.]

Project TFS Source Code Version Tree Browser

This project aspires to create a Version Tree Browser for Team Foundation Server allowing for the visual presentation of branches, merges and version information. The exact format and requirements will be determined as part of this project based on published best practices, similarly mature related product features and TFS version control specific feature sets.

Project TFS Plug-in for CruiseControl.NET

A plug-in to allow communication with Team Foundation Server for the popular open source build automation tool CruiseControl.NET

Project Team Foundation Server Administration Tool

Member of the Power Toys for Visual Studio Collection - TFS Admin Tool allows a Team Foundation Server administrator to quickly add and modify user permissions to all three platforms utilized by TFS through one common interface.

Project TeFoSe.Net

This project will be a Team Foundation Server Client GUI with extended functionality. The GUI will look like the familiar Source Safe GUI offering developer specific features for queries against TFS.

Project TeamPatter

TeamPatter is a TFS integrated messaging tool that allows for communication with any user accessible via Windows Live Messenger or classic MSN messenger. The integration with TFS comes in the form that from within workitem screens or via commands used directly in the messenger window, IM conversations on work items and potentially additional artifacts can be stored with the work items and visible ...

Project Turtle

Turtle is a free, open source client for Microsoft Team Foundation Server source control services. It is an alternative to the VSTS plugin for Visual Studio, or for those who may be using using TFS for projects not compatible with Visual Studio.

Project Automaton

Automaton is a Continuous Integration engine optimized for Team System and Team Builds. Included is the TeamFoundationExtensions class library which includes helpers and tasks for TFS and MSBuild.

Project Team Foundation Time Tracker

Team Foundation Time Tracker is small utility for tracking work time on any type of work item in Team Foundation Server

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Comments (13)

  1. Hi Buck,

    I’m a (proud) member of the TFS Source Code Version Tree Browser project on CodePlex (AKA Vertigo).

    I was wondering what did you consider on having a useful release.

    It’s true that our iteration 1 does not do much, but it’s there and it would help the project a lot if people downloaded it and give us some feedback. I hope the "not useful" qualification on some projects won’t make people think they don’t deserve any attention.

    Well, anyway, thanks a lot for mentioning our project and Iteration 2 (which brings a lot more value, since the source item graph will now Include all the information on the changesets, all the labels and all branch/merging activity) is just around the corner. I’ll let you know when we release it.

  2. buckh says:

    Hey, sorry about the wording!  I probably took the wording on the Vertigo release page too literally: "… It provides less information than a view history command via the UI. But it is prettier to look at. :-)"  I certainly don’t want to scare folks off (quite the contrary, actually).

    I look forward to seeing how it develops — I’m subscribed to your blog!


  3. 新日々此何有哉でも紹介されていたがTFS用のいろんなツールたちがいろんなところにあります。とりあえずはCodePlexBuck Hodges からTFS tools on CodePlex現在、CodePlexにあるTFS…

  4. Rob Caron says:

    Buck Hodges got the idea to poke around CodePlex to see what utilities people are creating for Team…

  5. Aaron Hallberg on Visual Studio Team System Chat and MSBuild Batching – Generate a Cross-Product (continued)….

  6. 自 CodePlex 推出以來, 沒想到 短短 幾個月, 上面的 專案 成長速度之快 實在是 跌破我的預計… 只是我在思考 CodePlex 上的 Wiki Tag 分類法則, 實在有點…

  7. Buck Hodges says:

    Sébastien Monteil, C# MVP, sent me email about a tool on CodePlex called Fissum , which is a tray app

  8. CCNetConfig says:

    Team Foundation Tools on CodePlex

  9. Raul says:

    Hello All

    I would like to know if there are ways where i can generate a report out of TFS for defects/KLOC on a weekly basis ?

  10. buckh says:

    You would need to somehow associate the code churn in a particular changeset with a work item.  I’m not familiar enough with writing reports to know if it is possible to do this.


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