TFS MSSCCI Provider Beta 2 is available — disable strong name validation

As has been announced in several different blogs, the second beta of the MSSCCI provider is available, providing VS integration for users with VS 2003 and earlier (you cannot use it with VS 2005, because we provide the full experience with Team Explorer in VS 2005).

For it to work, you will need to disable strong name validation for the beta 2 assemblies.  They are not strongly named (signed) binaries.

If you do not disable strong name validation, you will receive two error messages.

TFMscciSvr.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.

There was a failure while initializing the Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider source control provider. You cannot use this provider to perform source control operations.

You can use the following to disable strong name validation for these assemblies, without disabling strong name validation for everything.

Save the following text into a file called disable.reg and then type disable.reg in a Windows console command prompt to run it.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

I have also included that as an attachment to this post, but I have called disable.txt so that your browser will allow you to download it.  When you save the file, you'll need to rename it to disable.reg.

Of course, running this file will modify your registry, so all of the usual caveats apply.

For those familiar with the sn command from the .NET SDK and VS installations, you can also use sn -Vr <assembly> to disable it, which is what I used to generate the registry settings.  Running sn -Vr * will disable strong name validation for all assemblies, but that means no assemblies will be checked.

[UPDATE 2/21/06]  I've updated the registry settings here and in the attached file to disable strong name signing validation only for the assemblies used by the MSSCCI provider.


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  3. Amit Dahotre, India. says:

    Thanks a lot. This really helped me.

  4. I want to appologize for the problems people have experienced with strong name signing and the updated…

  5. michal.Log says:

    Some users were deterred from using the provider by unpleasant message &quot;TFMscciSvr.exe has encountered…

  6. John Lawrence posts their Team Foundation Dogfood Statistics for February.

    It’s Rob Caron time:

  7. Jim Lamb says:

    Frequently asked questions and answers regarding Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.

  8. João Talles Dantas Batista says:

    Hi Buck

      The information about how to disable the strong name validation was very util for me – thank you.

       But now, I’ve discovered a problem when we are controling the version of VB6 files.

       If the form (.FRM) has a FRX file related, the checkout operation does not check out the FRX file automatically.

       Thus, when you try to save the changes made on the form, the following error occur:


    Microsoft Visual Basic


    Path/File access error: ‘D:TesteTFS2VB6Project1Form1.frx’


    OK   Help  


       The workarround is checkout the FRX file manually.

       Do you know if there is a better way to solve this problem OR if this problem is going to be solved on the next version of the provider?

       Thank you since now

    João Talles Dantas Batista

  9. buckh says:

    João, I’m glad to hear you got the MSSCCI plugin working.

    You can find some information about it at  I talked to Ben, and he’s working on this issue.

  10. C177LVR says:

    Just installed MSSCCI Provider and ran disable.reg to disable strong name validation. When I start VS.Net 2003 and select File/Source Control/Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider, I get a message box "Please use Team Explorer as external Tool". Please clarify how I access a project on my VTS server?

  11. Ben Ryan says:

    Normally, File->Source Control->Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider would bring up the Team Explorer application just as File->Source Control->SourceSafe brings up the SourceSafe Explorer app.   However, this feature is not yet implemented in the Beta release of the TFS MSSCCI Provider currently available.  We are working on having this feature in the final release.

    If you have a project that is already on the VSTS server, you can use File->Source Control->Open From Source Control to access it.  You can also run the VS 2005 Team Explorer application and use the Source Control Explorer toolwindow to perform a Get on your project.  You could then open the local copy with VS 2003.

    Ben Ryan [MSFT]

  12. Tom.Floyd says:

    When a try to add a VB6 project from the VB6 IDE, I get the following message: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client.TeamFoundationServer..ctor(System.String, System.Net.ICredentials)

    and the project does not get added.

  13. buckh says:

    Tom, that sounds like you are trying to use the newest MSSCCI release with the beta 3 client.  You’ll need to install the RC.

  14. El d&#237;a de hoy estuve con un cliente que tiene su aplicaci&#243;n de gesti&#243;n comercial en VB 6.0 y realmente…

  15. Edit du 24/06 : il y a une nouvelle version de ce plugin. Voir ce post de juin 2006 . Enfin ! Comme promis,

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