TFS Version Control post summary

Now that the RC is out, I thought I'd post a summary with links to version control posts from the last several months that I think are relevant.

Clark Sell posted a VSTS JumpStart with useful links as well.

Here are some posts from James Manning you may find useful.

For those of you out there who want to add your own "power toy" to enhance the TFS version control experience in VS, check out How to Write a Team Foundation Version Control Add-in for Visual Studio by Ed Hintz, which also includes adding TFS assemblies to VS.  You could add features like baseless merges, merge history, listing the pending changes in all workspaces or a particular workspace, and deleting other users workspaces (if you have permission).  You could add a check out command that gets the latest version of a file before checking it out.  Or maybe you'll come up with something more interesting.

There are more links that I should include, but that's enough for now.

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  1. Buck has posted a great summary of TFS version control posts with the release of RC. Definitely worth…

  2. Sorry, I was out for a couple of days.  Here is the really long VSTS Links catchup post.

    Steve Lange…

  3. Like Jeff Atwood, I was surprised to find that enforcing comments upon checkin is not supported out of…

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