Network programming links

Adarsh Khare, who is a tester for the .NET networking classes, has useful blog.  Recent posts include the new NetworkInformation namespace that includes things like network availability events and a reference to an MSDN article on running ASMX without IIS.

Team System Feedback

Paul D. Murphy has a few good things to say about Team System in his Oh man is Team System Sweet post.


BisRegEdit and related Dec. CTP mysteries

Check out Jeff’s new weblog.  His post from Monday may shed some light on Dec. CTP mysteries if you’ve ever run into messages regarding bisregedit.  Why BisRegEdit is sometimes the reported culprit of a failed install


Using branching in source control to meet Sarbanes-Oxley requirements

Someone posted this question recently in the newsgroups. I have a question concerning promotion processes using Source Control. Due to requirements from Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), we will need to have tight controls on source code that is being checked into UAT and Production such that it will pass an audit showing that is being tightly controlled…


Command line reference (h.exe)

The Team Foundation Version Control command line reference for the December CTP is now available.  I have posted it as an article as well.

Team Foundation Version Control command line summary

Rob Caron put together a very nice one-page command line summary for h.exe.  I’ve posted it as an article (Team Foundation Version Control Command Line Summary document).  Check it out if you want to see the list of command and options for h.exe.

Team Foundation Version Control Command Line Summary document

Command line summary for tf.exe.  This was put together by Rob Caron. You may also want to see the full Team Foundation Version Control Command Line Reference as well. This is pre-release documentation and is subject to change in future releases. Command Usage Add tf Add itemspec [lock:none|checkin|checkout] [/type:filetype] [/noprompt] [/recursive] Branch tf Branch olditem…


Setting Internet Explorer’s home page by drag and drop

Tim, who worked on IE among other things in his career at Microsoft and now works on Hatteras, showed me tonight that you can set the home page in Internet Explorer by dragging the link from the Address bar to the Home icon on the toolbar.  I had no idea.  I burst out laughing.  It’s a…


Timeouts on the HttpWebRequest (and thus SOAP proxies)

Last summer I wrote several posts on using HttpWebRequest and SOAP proxies.  Recently I was working on code that needed to handle requests that could take a really long time for the server to process.  The client would give up and close the network connection long before the request completed. The code had tried to…


Are you looking to convert from ClearCase to Team Foundation?

The Program Manager for the ClearCase converter, Akash Maheshwari, wants to hear from Clearcase users interested in VSTS.  If you are a ClearCase user, this is your chance to influence the development of the converter.


Branching and Merging in the Dec. CTP

Back in the summer I wrote several posts on branching and merging in Team Foundation Source Control.  They are also relevant for the Dec. CTP if you are interested in this very important part of SCM. A simple example using branch and merge More on branching and merging vs. sharing and pinning Migrating from SourceSafe…


How to delete a team project in the Dec. CTP

Someone in the newsgroup asked how to delete a team project.  I asked James and he mentioned DeleteTeamProject.exe.   From a Visual Studio command prompt, you can use the following command line app to delete a project.  To get the command prompt, go to Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Beta -> Visual Studio…


VSTS and MSDN Universal

Back in June I posted information from the newgroup regarding VSTS Pricing. Here’s an update from Ajay Sudan’s newsgroup post (Jan. 24, 2005). MSDN Universal customers may migrate to their choice of Visual Studio Team Architect Edition, Visual Studio Team Developer Edition, or Visual Studio Team Test Edition at no additional cost for the duration of their…


Team Foundation Source Control client API example

This blog post is obsolete. Please see Here’s a really simple example that uses the source control API () in the Dec. CTP.  It shows how to create a workspace, pend changes, check in those changes, and hook up some important event listeners.  This sample doesn’t do anything useful, but it should get you going….


How to use shelving from the command line

Shelving is a really useful feature that was included for the first time with the Dec. CTP.  Shelving allows you to save your changes to a shelveset on the server.  The shelveset consists of the same kind of information that a checkin does, except that you aren’t checking in.  You don’t create a new changeset. …


Problems with large files and the Dec. CTP in Team Foundation Version Control

If you try, as one person in the Team Foundation newsgroup did, to checkin large files (>200 MB or so), you will reach a point where it fails with a message like “there is not enough storage to complete this command.”  That is due to the fact that the Dec. CTP uses the MSPatch library to…


Checkin policies and the December CTP

Problem with CleanBuildPolicy in the December CTP When you try to configure a new checkin policy, you will get an error regarding the CleanBuildPolicy.  That policy has a problem due to it or one of its dependencies not being properly signed.  You can work around the problem by removing it from the registry by deleting…