The "Filter by solution" button

You are probably familiar with the Pending Changes window if you've been using Visual Studio with Team Foundation (View -> Other Windows -> Pending Changes).  Have you ever wanted to have the Pending Changes window show only the pending changes for files in the currently open solution and not all of the other changes in your workspace?

There's button, called "Filter by solution," that does exactly that.  It's located between the Refresh button and the Workspace selector.

The button acts like a toggle.  When it's in the "active" state, the Pending Changes window restricts the list of pending changes to those involved in the currently open solution.  If you don't have a solution open, the button is disabled.


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  1. nemke says:

    Can this option be set as default and not to clicking in every time?

  2. buckh says:

    nemke, here is the response from one of the devs.


    Filter by Solution is tied to a registry key only for the Pending Changes tool window.  The value is stored here:


    Name:  FilterPendingChangesBySolution

    Value:   “True” | “False”

    All other dialogs (Checkin dialog, etc) always default Filter by Solution to disabled when they load.

    One of the reasons for always defaulting the option to disabled is because Filter by Solution “hides” some pending changes from the user.  We wanted it to be an explicit action each time they brought up a dialog in order to help reduce the “checkin doesn’t checkin” problem.  By clicking the button, they see the pending changes get hidden rather than having them never show up in the first place.

    The tool window is long-lived, so we decided it would be the exception to the rule and would preserve the user’s choice in that one scenario only.

  3. Miros says:

    The key "FilterPendingChangesBySolution" is not there – adding it does not work.

    Why didn't you just make it a setting, so the users can decide for themselves?

  4. The key "FilterPendingChangesBySolution" is not there – adding it does not work.

    Why didn't you just make it a setting, so the users can decide for themselves?

    (Now I'm signed in :o)

  5. buckh says:

    I asked the main dev on this, and here's his response.  Also, you may need to restart VS to get it to pick up the change (I don't think the code expects it to change while VS is running, but I didn't ask).


    I just double checked the code.  The setting is still there and the info in your comment response is still accurate (I was probably who originally provided that info to you months back).  Here’s a screenshot from my box on latest code showing the value in the registry:

    In response to the user’s comment, we did make it a setting.  The way to toggle that setting is through the toolbar button in the Pending Changes tool window.

  6. Atul says:

    For me, the registry value for this key is true, yet the "Filter by Solution" button in the Pending Changes window is always disabled and I can see changes from other solutions – how do I fix this?

  7. buckh says:

    Atul, filter by solution is not enabled unless a solution is open.  Do you have a solution open?


  8. Bob Marley says:

    For me the button is constantly disabled even though the key is in the registry and all the software is up to date. Bug #4356234780560283465028750782346523480 in Visual Studio then.

  9. Karel says:

    I have same problem : the button kleeps disabled. even with open solution.I restart it all ( including computer ) did not help.

  10. Mangesh says:

    Problem was caused by Visual Studio operating ‘offline’ (not connected to TFS).  Simple fix is to re-establish connection by clicking File->Source Control->Go Online.

    If needed give credential for TFS connectivity.

    1. Ash says:

      Tha final solution worked a treat for me

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