Go to Changeset coming for RTM

You still won't be able to drag and drop in Source Control Explorer (some changes are just too large at this point), but you will be able to go to a changeset (without going through the back door using Get Specific Version solely for changeset look up).  In the next drop, the Edit -> Go to menu item will bring up the Find Changeset dialog when the Source Control Explorer has focus.  Also, it should appear on the Team menu.

How about a power toy VS plugin to fill in the gaps?

There are lots of things we'd like to do, but we can't at this point in the cycle.  We are thinking about putting together a VS power toy plugin with some of the things that didn't make it into v1, for version control and work item tracking.  What power toy features would help you get more done and have a happier v1 experience?

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  1. Well, since you asked… ;)

    The tfpt commandline powertoy has a bunch of great features and I think it would be great to see VS integration for some of those. Offline support in particular is something I will use *all* the time. As a bonus you could even add some magic to track renames done through the IDE so that they resolve correctly on reconnect, as opposed to the commandline tfpt which can’t track offline renames.

    Unshelve (with merge), UU and Rollback also seem like they’d be very useful, but offline support is the killer feature for me. I do an awful lot of work on the train :)

  2. buckh says:

    I agree with your statement about online. We’d like to get all of the tfpt.exe functionality into a VS plugin power toy, with online being the most requested. I think unshelve with merge will be highly popular as folks start to use shelving to coordinate and test changes prior to checking them in.

  3. Paul Paschedag says:

    Well this is a long shot but i would like a destroy operation on version control. My version control is getting messy fast without it….

  4. Robert Beaubien says:

    I would like to see the following features in a power toy:

    1. Ability to remove another developer lock/edit.

    2. Ability to easily add/update associated files to source control that are not necessarily source code in a project (related documents, spreadsheets, etc)

  5. Matthew Watson says:

    One feature I miss from Visual Source Safe is the ability to see ALL checked out files, and then sort that list by checkout date.

    Maybe that won’t be a common requirement for many people, be we find that our programmers sometimes forget to check things in… Being able to sort the list really helps find the forgotten checkins!

  6. Matthew Watson says:

    Just remembered this wishlist item:

    Please, please, please can we have an option to easily ignore whitespace when comparing differences!

  7. buckh says:

    Thanks for the good feedback thus far.

  8. Buck Hodges says:

    Now that the RC is out, I thought I’d post a summary with links to version control posts from the last…

  9. Craig says:

    Why can’t I invoke the Find Changeset dialog without having the Source Control Explorer window active?

    I’ve created a shortcut to the command but it will only work if the Source Control Explorer window has focus.

  10. buckh says:

    Craig, I asked Ed Hintz, and here’s what he has to say.

    You can bind to the following:



    This functionality was added this late in the release cycle after visualdoc freeze so we just reused the Edit.Goto menu.

    We need to add a Team.GotoChangeset DTE command.  I’ll write a feature request.

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