VSTS pricing announced

VSTS pricing is always a popular topic (see posts in January and June).  Finally the speculation is over, and the pricing was announced publicly today.

Microsoft Details Pricing and Licensing for Visual Studio 2005 and Simplifies Microsoft Developer Network Subscriptions

Frequently Asked Questions

[Update 3/24] Rick LaPlante, general manager of VSTS, posted a great pricing grid here.  He also talks about the server pricing.

Comments (5)

  1. noonie says:

    The links you provided have helped me understand the MSDN Universal/VS 2005 Team System transision issues. Thanks!

    There is still a lot of developer angst around at the moment about the cost of Team Foundation Server. What extra licensing fees are to be expected in setting up a Foundation Server ?

  2. Johnni Wahd says:

    … you remember what happened when MLB, or worse, the NHL, started to think of their management ahead of their fans?

  3. Buck Hodges says:

    Pricing is an important topic, and I’ve written several posts about it.  Today Rick LaPlante…

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