Installing the December CTP Release of Visual Studio Team System

There's now a very detailed article on MSDN describing how to install VSTS on Virtual PCs.Installing the December CTP Release of Visual Studio Team System

by David C. Bost

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  1. Don says:

    You’re kidding, right?

    It takes 26 pages of instructions to explain how to install this release? And your previous release forced some of us to do a complete windows reinstall after the VSTS installation failed? Do you have any idea how bad these releases are making your team look?

    There is no software that I’m more excited about than VSTS, but PLEASE sit everyone down and get a grip on your install process before the next build goes out. If it still takes 26 pages to install, walk through those 26 pages yourself and ship the completed VirtualPC images so that installation becomes (1) Unzip this file (2) change the default password (3) run VSTS. THAT’s an install story.

    VSTS is the best conceived product I’ve ever seen but frankly speaking the install stories for your betas have made your team look nothing short of incompetent. PLEASE do the right thing. I still believe in VSTS but if the third release is as absurd as this one, I’m going to have to give up on the product.


  2. Dave Bost says:

    Don –

    Take away the content about setting up the virtual pc environment and the screen shots and you might have it down to less than 15 pages. :)

    Seriously though… although I do agree that the install process needs to be cut down quite a bit, these are "Community Technical Previews" (re: not for the faint of heart).

    The unfortunate thing (which I’m said will be fixed by ship date) is that 1.) Active Directory is required; than in and of itself adds a big complexity factor. And 2.) SQL Server 2005 and the App Tier can’t run on the same box due to a discrepency in .NET runtime versions. This (I’m told) will be a problem going away sooner than later.

    It’s a *BIG* product… it’s going to take some effort getting it installed, but I know when the product comes around to shipping the VSTS setup team will make sure it’s as painless as conceivably possible.

    I applaud Microsoft’s effort to release these products to the community. It gives me a huge lead time to analyze what it is I’m doing today to prepare for the future.

    I say… Keep ’em coming!

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