Team Foundation Version Control Command Line Reference document

The docs are now on MSDN.

Command Line Reference (Visual Studio Team Foundation)

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  1. Ricky datta says:

    Do you allow versions of the same directory just like SVN ?

  2. Ricky – can you explain the question more specifically? I’d imagine you’re asking whether we have "svn copy" which, like branch and tag, are just hard links (from the unix filesystem stance of things) so they’re O(1) operations that are copy-on-write.

    From that precise perspective, we don’t do the exact same thing, but that’s because we a) a richer branch/merge model (we have merge history, for instance) and b) we have a richer security model (you may try to branch and only have read permission to a subset of the source).

    I’d be glad to make a post getting into some detail as to the "why’s" of this – I had been thinking of doing a "How Team Foundation Version Control differs from Subversion" blog article, but wasn’t sure if there was enough interest to warrant it.

  3. Erv Walter says:

    James, I’d be VERY interested in the "team foundation version control vs. subversion" article.

    We have been using subversion for a while now, and it would help to understand the differences (what is better, what is different, what is missing) when thinking about possible migration.

  4. Buck Hodges says:

    This is a quick one-page description of the commands and options for using the command line.

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